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What has to happen
For you to love yourself enough
To create the life you truly want?

(Pronounced just like the dessert)

I'm a Holistic Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach and Hypnobirthing Teacher. 

At my practice, I help everyday people, just like you, achieve their goals and feel better- often when everything else they've tried has failed.


My approach is bespoke to each client and grounded in hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and other holistic mind-body-spirit techniques. 

You are here for a reason.

If you are ready to feel better
And you know something needs to change, now

You are in the right place.



"What I really liked about Hypnosis To Thrive's program was that it didn't just help solve the issue I first came for. The techniques have also helped me in other aspects of life and have overall boosted my attitude and outlook on life.

I first came to deal with mental block issues I was experiencing that was holding me back from doing what I needed to do.

Since I did hypnosis with Pudding, I have been feeling more relaxed and confident in my abilities.  She  really showed me how much control I have of my mind and the power I have to change how I'm feeling. 


I definitely would recommend hypnosis- I had  a great experience experience and I think others should give it a try! Pudding was amazing. She was very open and thoughtful, and took a deep interest in the issue I came for and my life in general. I will most definitely carry the techniques she taught me and that we worked on with me as I go through life."


—  McKenna, USA

Hypnosis is effective, non-invasive, and can help you reach your goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Even if you have had the issue for years.


Because it taps directly into your most powerful yet frequently mis-utilised resource.

Your subconscious mind.


hypnosis can help you:

Stop Smoking
Girl Eating Hamburger
Change Habits
Golf Shot
Enhance Performance
Birth Calmly
Calm Woman
Relieve Pain
Hugging a Pillow
Support Fertility Journeys
Overcome Fears
Man Sleeping
Sleep Better
Stressed Man
Ease Anxiety


Ready to take the next step?

Click the button below to see if hypnosis will be a good fit for your current situation and to book a free 20-min Discovery call with me.  

I look forward to connecting with you, soon.

Pudding x 

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