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A Holistic Hypnotherapist, Stop Smoking Specialist and Hypnobirthing Coach dedicated to helping you use the power of your subconscious to make your goals a reality.

it's an honor to meet you.

 You might be visiting this website because you were referred by a friend or family member I've helped, or perhaps seen some of my YouTube videos. Either way,  I am so glad you're here, curious about how hypnosis can help you move forward, feel better, and thrive.


I can empathise with how you might feel- because a little while ago... I was you. I had been trying to overcome my issue for years, and had tried everything. I was tired, hopeless, defeated. I share my first experience with hypnosis in this video:

And that , my friends, was how my journey into hypnosis began. 

I know that for many of you...hypnosis may sound pretty hippity dippity.

A little too 'woo-woo'...perhaps even a little sinister. If that's the case, I know exactly how you feel! I felt exactly the same way when I went into my first hypnosis session but I was hopeful and kept an open mind. 


It took me 3 sessions total- after over 10 years of trying to solve my issue and trying what felt like zillion different things. I wished I had done it years earlier!

I've always been multi-passionate. I love creating and problem solving, writing and teaching, movement, wellness and fitness. I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher. All these elements have enabled me to expertly guide and create the mind-body space for my clients to make the changes they seek, at the pace that is right for them.


And while I work diligently to personalise all my sessions to my clients' needs, my practice is based on a holistic process and outcome.


I utilise a science-based approach that combines a  Mind-Body-Spirit connection I feel is integral for optimum wellbeing and happiness.


My approach is holistic,
and honest.

And just like you, I am imperfect.


I too have days where I forget the wisdom I frequently give my clients, and I encounter difficult situations where even I get stuck, lost, demotivated and overcome.


Or just behave irrationally (god forbid!).


But I remain open to those moments and quickly remind myself of the effective and appropriate tools (including self-hypnosis) which can often rapidly move those mountains.


And wherever you are at, if we decide we are the right fit for each other, know that we are in this together, regardless of whether it's just you and I, or you are part of a group session with me.

I am here to serve YOU and collaborate with YOU to transform your aspirations into reality.

And if this is not your first foray into hypnosis, I'm glad you're here and open to a different experience. If you've read this far- thank you! I really hope this is just the beginning of our relationship and I'd love for us to stay connected.


The best way to do that would be to subscribe to my weekly email- The Weekly Pudding. It's where I send out little weekly nuggets to help you spark joy and live better. Click here  to sign up now for The Weekly Pudding .

If you are interested in booking private sessions, click here.

Thank you so much for being here and I'm honored to have connected with you. I'm truly excited for our journey ahead.

With love and gratitude, 


Qualifications & Certifications to date

Certified Consulting Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)

Certified Hypnotist, Jacquin Hypnosis Academy (UK)

Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist, North American Academy of Hypnosis (USA)

Certified HypnoBirthing Coach, Mongan Method (USA)

Certified Master Hypnotist, Banyan Hypnosis Center (USA)

Certified 5-Path Practitioner, Banyan Hypnosis Center (USA)

Certified 7-Path Practitioner, Banyan Hypnosis Center (USA)

In case you couldn't already tell- I love this stuff.

My learning is lifelong and I will continue to add to my library of tools and skills as the industry evolves and new science emerges.

To be clear, I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, or midwife. I do not diagnose or treat or prescribe. What I do offer is a service that is non-invasive, informed, holistic, and with my client's greatest good in mind.

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