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Pregnant Belly

 Want a Calm, Fearless,   
Empowered Birth? 

You've come to the right place.

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My Mission......

Firstly, I am SO grateful you are here and curious why and how a calm, empowered birthing experience could happen for you (and your birth partner)! 


My mission is to make calm, fearless birthing mainstream for all mamas, no matter what the outcome of their labour and birth journey. 

We deserve it! 

In 4 x 3- hour ZOOM sessions, I'll teach you (and your birth partner) how to relax, let go and trust that you, your body and baby know exactly what to do.

My Comprehensive 4- session Protocol and Toolkit
will prepare you
Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

Step 1:

Friends. Well-meaning family members. TV and movies. We've been fed a wealth of misinformation and horror stories from as far back as we can remember. We have been hypnotised ALREADY to believe that our births are going to be messy, painful and scary.

This section focuses on education- how our birthing bodies ACTUALLY work. What we can expect in our chosen birthing environments. How to ask the right questions. 

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Step 2:
Empty Your Cup

You'll get real with yourself about any remaining limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, anything you feel could hold you back from your ideal calm, beautiful birth. Then, we're going to do some powerful hypnosis together to release ALL of it. Every. Last. Shred. Once and for all.

You'll learn self-hypnosis tools to let go of anything new that may present once the course is over, mama-related or not.

Step 3:
Fill Your Cup

This part is the icing on the cake!
You will be guided through an arsenal of tools to continue to grow your peacefulness, confidence and excitement leading up to the birth. 

These tools will include but not be limited to Self Hypnosis,Breathing, Relaxation, Visualisations, Affirmations, and lots more.
Select the ones that resonate with you most, leave the rest.


Attending this 4-session course with your birthing partner is essential, both to give them confidence in their role AND to empower them to best support you during pregnancy, labour and birth as you do your thing.

These parents chose Hypnobirthing because...

"I've always wanted a natural birth, but like so many, was worried about the pain after many years of negative conditioning watching dramatic birthing scenes on TV, which program women to fear labor....Pudding instantly put us at ease with her relaxed, open manner, taking the course at just the right pace with a mix of theory, discussion, practice and content....we found ourselves looking forward to each class more and more as we grew in confidence in our knowledge and what we would learn that week. The best teachers are also the best storytellers and Pudding has a way with presenting a compelling and different birthing story from the one we all know and fear. By the end, you can't imagine birthing without having done hypnobirthing!"

- Rachel C., Hypnobirthing Mother, Singapore

   "I must admit, when my wife first suggested the idea of Hypnobirthing, I was a little hesitant...What immediately struck me  with the course, this was not just a learning process for both of us, but something where I could actually support my partner. Pudding has a fantastic ability to take you through the material at a comfortable pace with plenty of time to ask questions. Some of those questions I felt initially were perhaps a bit silly to ask but Pudding created such a relaxed and fun environment, very quickly I settled without any concerns.  Not only does my wife feel relaxed, I feel relaxed. Enter this course with an open heart and mind and you'll see how immediately comfortable you'll settle into the material under Pudding's impressive guidance and teaching!"

- Mark, Hypnobirthing Partner, Singapore

Specific concerns you want to work on? 

This video is for you!

Your birth plan may include a water birth. A home birth. A hospital birth. A caesarian.

You may be a first time mama. Or a VBAC mama. Or a rainbow baby mama. Or a breech baby mama. Or having multiples.

My goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to allow you to stay relaxed NO MATTER WHAT and calmly experience whatever and wherever your birthing journey takes you. 

We're in this together and I KNOW you can do this.

It's time for you to BELIEVE you can too! you have a Caesarian planned?
If so, this video is for you!

The Hypnobirthing tools you will learn will not just help you during pregnancy and birthing.

They are tools for life. 
This video explains why:

Ready to take the next step? Click the button below to enquire about upcoming session availability. I look forward to hearing from you!

My Story

"Make sure you get an epidural!"

Those were the very words uttered by our cheerful nurse as she sailed out of the consultation room with a smile and a wave, having just confirmed the happy news that we were going to be first-time parents. 

In that moment, I couldn't help but feel incredibly grateful for my background as a Hypnotist and Hypnobirthing Instructor. However I also felt equal parts horrified that those would be some of the first words heard by joyful mamas-to-be, that would create or perpetuate any fears that their impending births would be something to fear or worry about.

My Hypnobirthing story

Our Hypnobirthing Journey

As a longstanding Hypnobirthing Coach, you may be inclined to think that my birth might have been pretty textbook/ perfect. 

Far from it. 

I was in labour for 17 hours.

My bladder was blocked and I had to be cathetered twice. 

My anxiety was tested as I was put on a timeline to leave the birthing center I was in labour at owing to liabilities. 

I had second degree tears in my lady parts post-birth.

And above all- my stress management levels were really put to the test while we were trying to bring new life in the world,  as my beloved father-in-law lay dying, in the hospital across the street from our Birth Center.


He never met her. 

And despite all that, I never once felt fear, panic, or pain. 

And I still reflect on my labour and birthing experiences as the most incredible empowering thing I have ever done- if I had to do it all over again, I absolutely would. 

I truly believe that without the hypnobirthing knowledge I brought into my experience, I would likely be dealing with a lot of trauma. 

So just know that this stuff works.


You might have the 'perfect' labour and birth. 

But in the highly likely event that things may not go according to your plan, how awesome would it be for both you and your birth partner to take it on calmly and comfortably anyways?

I can't it to share this stuff with you - please enjoy our Hypnobirthing Story below. 

It won't be long before you have yours.

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