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One-on-One Sessions

Private One-on-one Hypnotherapy sessions are customised to your unique requirements and conducted safely and conveniently via online ZOOM video conferencing.


I strive to deliver the most effective process and tools in the best use of your time. Not months or years of sessions, draining your time and bank account.

Before we even commit to working together, we will discuss your goals honestly and decide the best course of action on a free 20-min one-on-one strategy call.

No pressure and no annoying 'sales-y' speak.

At the end of the call, I will simply ask "Would you like my help?"

I see most clients for a minimum of four weekly 90-min sessions. 

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions are typically one single 2.5 hr session.

Book your free 20-min Discovery Call with me by clicking on the button below.

Because, truly, this process begins with YOU. 

Group Sessions

Imagine being able to provide your students, employees, or best friends with life-changing tools to help them feel better or spark joy.

Group sessions are an incredible way to experience transformational shifts fuelled by the collective intention and energy of a group.


I currently offer group programs on:

- releasing the past 

- managing anxiety

- stop smoking

- self-hypnosis


I have the ability to create single session experiences or multi-session workshops and can provide a bespoke experience for you. 

If you would like to explore this option, click the button below to fill out an enquiry form and I will connect with you. 

Support Group
Group Sessions
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